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This sober colored owl symbolizes justice for lawyers is made of resin intervened with thousands of glass chaquiras (beads).


Unique piece made by the artist Wixárika for MatsoArt. It is sent with a certificate of authenticity.


Dimensions : 17 inches tall, 15 inches wide, 8 inches deep

43cm high, 38cm wide, 19cm deep

Weight approximately: 1kg - 2.2 lbs


It is in the mountains of Mexico that Huichol Art finds its origin. The ancestral tradition, the physical transcription of the images exposed by the Huichol shamans, induced by the ingestion of Peyote (hikuri), their sacred cactus, allow them to cross the threshold of the unknown and thus to approach the divine.


These works are made with glass beads called ¨Chaquiras" and glued with logwood wax, its most traditional form, but we work exclusively with epoxy glue to ensure the best quality for our customers.

Huichol Art " Hibou Justice"

€800.00 通常価格
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